A New Wrinkle: the UFOlogical Double Dip

Modern UFOlogy has, for the most part since it’s inception been a minefield that one has to be very cautious about traversing.

The internet for all it’s faults, has been instrumental in getting UFO reports and discussions facilitated at lightning speed, in comparison to the old days – you can easily be involved in examinations of UFO reports from around the globe in near-real time.

But there’s a downside (there always is) in that the internet is also a money and/or fame making opportunity to many who would cash in on everything from fake UFO videos (often dispatched handily by my friend Isaac Koi) to blog stories and hoaxed photos. In our internet age, everything from likes and clicks, to views and rating stars equal dollars and notoriety. There’s always a headline, a byline or a sensational link to click and view the nonsense that proliferates so easily in this loosely defined “field”.

Wozny’s “The Angy UFOlogist” website.

But then along comes “The Angry UFOlogist” (otherwise known as Trevor Wozny), a man from the great white north of Canada who according to LinkedIn, claims to be a Senior NOC Engineer at Microsoft. “The Angry UFOLogist” posts many things the critical thinking UFO researcher would find attractive: the absurdity of hoaxes, the calls for a total reformation of UFOlogy to make it more respectable to science – and it’s ever present motto: “UFOlogy Needs a Reboot”

Provocative articles like “Entertainment or Serious Business – What Is UFOlogy to You?” are posted, and gives the reader the sense that we’re talking to a real mover and shaker in the field who’s looking to bring the serious discussions and accountability. The site also seems to promote change in UFOlogical protocols and ideologies – no small order. He hopes to tap into the frustration left in the wake of the Roswell Slides debacle and Greer’s Atacama “alien” nonsense.

The problem is Wozny has another website: paranormics.com – which posts the same bullshit stories and sensationalistic headlines he claims to rail against. Go to the Paranormics YouTube Channel (the link contains Wozny’s name – amazing) and you’ll see such solid stories as “Dragons Caught on Tape from Around the World” to my personal favorite: “Pleaidian Agenda – Time for Truth”.
Wozny’s “Paranormics” website

So while you might think Wozny is like you – one who wants serious discussion of the topic without the nonsense that mucks up the water we’re all trying to see through – he’s pissing downstream. He’s in my opinion, a new kind of bullshitter: one who writes and promotes both sides, because he sees a market for both. Whether it’s for monetary gain or fame and notoriety I don’t know.

But I also don’t care.

Wozny represents a new plague on the already marginal UFO field: the UFO/paranormal opportunist, who will play both sides to suit their own needs…so long as you don’t look too close.

Make no mistake, Wozny isn’t a UFOlogist or angry. He’s a player. Many of you are getting played because you think he’s the voice of your discontent with the field. He’s not. To me he’s just another internet flake with a new plan to get hits, followers or subscribers. Clicky, clicky is the name of the game. To be the bullshitter, and the guy who with his fist in the air decries them at the same time.

Whois search results for both websites (cropped)

I’m quite sure that Wozny will change some names after this is published to hide his ulterior motives, so I’ve provided some screen grabs of whois searches to show he’s owner and operator of  the angryufologist.us and paranormics.com websites, as well as grabs from the YouTube channel that belongs to paranormics.com (a YouTube search of Trevor Wozny leads you right to paranormics.com’s channel.) Nothing posted here is anything that isn’t publicly posted on the internet for the world to see – if one were only to look.


YouTube Paranormics channel – Dragons. That’s right. Dragons.


Past that, I think you can search out on your own. I’ve included other grabs from paranormics.com and theangryufologist.us – because people like this routinely delete damning stuff when it’s pointed out.

YouTube Paranormics channel with Wozny’s name in URL

I’d been a member of the Facebook page for “The Angry UFOlogist” for some time just so I could observe his posts – after seeing the post “Entertainment or Serious Business – What Is UFOlogy to You?” – I finally couldn’t hold back and posted calling him out.

The posts were deleted and I was quickly banned from the page. I know of another gent who called him out and got the same. This is how he hides his actions – silence anyone calling attention to it within your closed group. Pretty standard stuff for your garden variety fake.

So now UFOLogy as a whole can see what this is all about. Now it’s your choice: support this clown by entertaining his double-dip absurdity, or leave him in the dust bin where he belongs. 

Dump this goof and you’ll show future manipulators you don’t suffer their foolishness.

Listen to his excuses and hang around for more, and suffer more like him in the future.

As always, we the interested public determine the worth of evidence and the outlets of information. We always have.

UPDATE: Wozny responds: click below for larger image

Wozny has stated the Paranormics.com site belongs to his son – however multiple instances point to him as the main proponent of every aspect of the site, including the Google+ and YouTube Paranormics pages. Wozny seems to have an answer now, after this has been published. Should we point out now that the Paranormics Facebook page has over 3,ooo members – when according to Wozny, Paranormics belonged to his son (a minor)? Please. Wozny is also the only listed Admin on the page.

Previously he banned another ‘Angry UFOlogist’ Facebook member (Mr. Brad Morris) for calling him out on multiple Paranormic-style sites, and yesterday after I asked why he had this double standard (citing “Paranormics.com”), my posts were deleted and I was summarily banned as well.

Paranormics Facebook Admin section

So, now Wozny has an answer?  Why not have posted this same response to those of us who’ve brought the issue up on the “Angry UFOlogist” Facebook page – rather than ban us and erase the posts? Does this sound like a man with nothing to hide?

He’s been forced into a response, because he cannot control the venue. So this is the excuse you get. I’m sure there will be more.

I have not had any direct interaction with Wozny, so for him to say he’s ‘got my panties in a bunch’ sounds more like his own wishful thinking – nothing he’s written yet as far as I’m concerned, has been anything of note. I’ve been in this field some 30 years and have fought major tenants of  UFO research (as anyone familiar with me will know) to hard-line fundamentalist skeptics, to UFO cultists – trust me when I say Wozny isn’t quite enough to get me excited.

As I said, accept his excuses which don’t wash, or look at the facts and continue on in spite of the facts. Either way, you get the UFO field you ask for.

Jeff Ritzmann